Hieronymus Bogs

The Angel

by Hieronymus Bogs

Released 2015
Awkwardcore Records
Released 2015
Awkwardcore Records
HIERONYMUS BOGS is a one-man troupe whose performances embrace the ties between music, poetry and art. The bearded Bogs, garbed in self-fashioned regalia, is known for imparting his live shows with poetic recitations, contemplative songs and short vignettes that veer offstage. Each form addresses themes of creativity, introspection and love.
With his latest release, The Angel, Bogs solidifies his status as a consummate troubadour and timeless mystic. This intimate collection--with its weathered acoustic sound and aesthetic of growth and decay--knock at the heart of what it is to be beautiful, broken, human. Stark songs built upon nylon guitar, piano, and organ find resonance among spoken-word recitations by Rumi, William Blake, and Bogs himself. In The Angel, simple strong structures and concise chordal vocabulary belie songs of great substance and wisdom.

The poetic and contemplative elements of Bogs' music are reminiscent of artists like George Harrison and Leonard Cohen while retaining his own primal directness, with lyrics like:

“Don't be afraid of silence/
Embrace the pains that refine us/
Don't try to change with violence/
What must grow.”

Self-accompanied on banjo/guitar, foot bells and trademark chimes, Bogs allows his words to be the focus of his songs, while his recitations and vignettes re-mystify in performance what has often become habit.

Known originally as the frontman for the NYC-bred psych-folk band, BOGS VISIONARY ORCHESTRA, Hieronymus Bogs has been sharing his peculiar brand of musical performance art since early 2000. Releasing five BVO albums and two solo Hieronymus Bogs album including his most recently released, The Angel. Over the years he has performed at many public institutions including the Brooklyn Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art (NYC), as well as numerous clubs & cafes across the country. His song, “Everybody's Broken” was included in Asthmatic Kitty's Mews Too compilation, along with indie-folk luminaries Sufjan Stevens, My Brightest Diamond, and Brother Danielson.

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