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MUSIC: Atlantic Thrills Dirty Up Dusk

MUSIC: Atlantic Thrills Dirty Up Dusk

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Rob Duguay, GoLocalProv Music Critic


Local garage rock fiends Atlantic Thrills headlined a cool night of rock & roll at Dusk.

 On Tuesday at Dusk in the factory district of Providence, local garage rock fiends Atlantic Thrills headlined a pretty cool night of rock & roll that guaranteed a real good time. Hieronymous Bogs, Detroit Rebellion, Boring Portals and Southern Femisphere rounded out the lineup along with Studs Jerkel on the 1's & 2's, the music engulfed the intimate audience with absolute vigor. The best place to start the first half of your week after a long Monday was definitely at Dusk.


Hieronymous Bogs

A singer-songwriter from Rochester, NY who had a funky outfit that would make even the likes of Prince be jealous, Hieronymous Bogs kicked off the night with his electric garage folk tunes that were as poetic as it gets. "You Are Creative/The Creative Possession", "Poorboy Fool", "Mother To Keep" and "I Believe" were groovy, soothing and laid back. Hieronymous has his own band called The Bogs Visionary Orchestra and they have two albums out, Mean Old World and Alas! Alas! Alas!. I'm excited to hear what they're like after his live performance and you should check them out as well.


Detroit Rebellion

Up next were a cool little two piece folk rock band in Detroit Rebellion. Driving rhythms and a black country style definitely had an old school Johnny Cash feel, it's amazing what sick sounds can come out something simple such as an acoustic guitar and a drum set. "The Fire, Devil & Desire", "Detroit Rebellion '67", "Nothing To Lose","The Dark Lady", "Dirty Boots" and "Fork In The Road" highlighted a set that featured eye opening lyrics and the riffs were as fast as a jet engine. Detroit Rebellion came out with their 4 song EP Fork In The Road last month, give it a listen and get your dose of bluesy wisdom.


Southern Femisphere

An indie rock quartet from Charleston, SC that had a very unique sound, Southern Femisphere came up third. Even though they had a male alternating between vocals, guitar and drums, Southern Femisphere have a little riot grrl in them with the rest of the girls in the band upping the ante by screaming into the mics in unison during the hooks. "Abeezmo", "It's Us", "Transgander", "One Alarm" and "Don't Sleep" exhibited a spectacular fusion of art rock and pop to create truly original music. Southern Femisphere are putting out a new album this Summer, something to look forward to when the warm weather comes along.


Boring Portals

With the same rhythm section as Southern Femisphere and also having a keyboard built out of a suitcase, Boring Portals graced the stage and sounded like a psychedelic version of Sonic Youth and Nirvana. "January", "Free", "Rival Gang", "Peace Out", "Sans Jose", "So Gone", "No Go", "Not Dead", "Getting Weird" and "I No Y" brought a plethora of distorted intensity that had people kicking their feet in the air and dancing away. Boring Portals have their self-titled debut album available on Bandcamp, definitely something I'll add to my ever-growing music library.


Atlantic Thrills

 To finish off the night was some badass nasty garage rock & roll courtesy of Atlantic Thrills. A performance consisting of "Give It Back", "Booze", "On My Mind", "Lies", "Light Shines",

"Drugs In It", "Shotgun", "Acid Rain", "The Beach" and "Pizza Is A Dick" had me loving every strum, beat and chord progression to the fullest, if you're looking for the next rock & roll band to blow you away then Atlantic Thrills is just what you needed. Dusk always has something fantastic gracing their stage, check out what's happening next by logging on to duskprovidence.com.