Hieronymus Bogs

The hard part's over


But it was Bog's night as he and his Visionary Orchestra re-drew the borders between artistic expression and interpretation. It involved colors you could hear played by instruments you could taste.

Concert Review: Meat Puppets, Heavenly Chillbillies, This Life, Bogs Visionary Orchestra


Next I hustled over to Lovin' Cup to catch This Life wind down its set, which was reminiscent of neon-free alternative bands like The Modern Lovers. Bogs Visionary Orchestra came out next and played like a four-man carnival full of ironic lyrical and musical quirks. The bearded Bogs led the parade on guitar and slide banjo (you heard me, slide banjo) in a suit that featured as many colors as his musical palette. He copped the stance of Zappa (or was it Beefheart?) playing the part of a barker pitching the ballyhoo on the midway. It was Tin Pan Alley on Easter Sunday. It was country-ish twang on account of the rhythmic 2/4, it was klezmer-esque on account of its accelerated percussion and groove, and it was just straight-up out of sight. I hung out and hung on every word.

MUSIC: Atlantic Thrills Dirty Up Dusk


On Tuesday at Dusk in the factory district of Providence, local garage rock fiends Atlantic Thrills headlined a pretty cool night of rock & roll that guaranteed a real good time. Hieronymous Bogs, Detroit Rebellion, Boring Portals and Southern Femisphere rounded out the lineup along with Studs Jerkel on the 1's & 2's, the music engulfed the intimate audience with absolute vigor. The best place to start the first half of your week after a long Monday was definitely at Dusk.

Hieronymous Bogs

A singer-songwriter from Rochester, NY who had a funky outfit that would make even the likes of Prince be jealous, Hieronymous Bogs kicked off the night with his electric garage folk tunes that were as poetic as it gets. "You Are Creative/The Creative Possession", "Poorboy Fool", "Mother To Keep" and "I Believe" were groovy, soothing and laid back. Hieronymous has his own band called The Bogs Visionary Orchestra and they have two albums out, Mean Old World and Alas! Alas! Alas!. I'm excited to hear what they're like after his live performance and you should check them out as well.

The Art of Music


"Most importantly though, is Bog's take-home message, be it through art or music: free the outsider within. Not so much a teacher, but more like a tour guide, Bogs has a goal to help people rediscover those childlike expressions of self and identity, and to show his audiences that they too can create and be artists."...

The Art of Music, Willie Clark


Felix Drawing Faces in Union Square!


Felix Morelo is the artist who's drawings graced the cover and inside of our most recent album "Mean Old World." One night after a BVO show he mentioned he'd love to play drums in a band one day, although he had never played before. I invited him to our next rehearsal and he was our drummer until I relocated to Rochester NY. He's a fine friend and a dedicated artist as you can see from this video of him drawing outside in the frigid cold. Check out his work! http://felixmorelo.com/category/art-by-felix-morelo/

Brotherhood of the Jug!


BVO friend Ernesto Lovercat Gomez Posted this video of his bands performance of "Who Don't Like That" at the Jalopy Theatre in Brooklyn. Find Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues on our friends sectionl Their album is selling at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Word-to-Mother/dp/B002PQXBRG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1263150481&sr=8-1-fkmr0

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